W. J. ZENG - An Intellectual Will

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I sometimes wonder, if I were to get hit by a bus, what would be the unanswered questions that I'd leave behind? What adventures have been glimpsed and left unfinished?

Some I don't even know myself. The ink of a handwritten word is unaware of its own meaning too.

But here's a short record of ones I know about. The list forms a sort of intellectual Willwill* to pass on to other people. Some remain quite vague. Your patience is appreciated.

I'm always up for discussions on these topics @wjzeng. Here's some background reading.

* Of course will is in my name. As a kid I was fascinated by that lexical ambiguity. I'm still fascinated by it. Language does strange things that even surprise its speakers. Having my own name be an example was an early reminder. "Do you think Jo desires for her estate-record to be read?" becomes "Will Will will Will's will to be read?"