W. J. ZENG - Themes Appearing in Turn

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"And every science, when we understand it not as an instrument of power and domination but as an adventure in knowledge pursued by our species across the ages, is nothing but this harmony, more or less vast, more or less rich from one epoch to another, which unfurls over the course of generations and centuries, by the delicate counterpoint of all the themes appearing in turn, as if summoned from the void."
- Alexandre Grothendieck, R├ęcoltes et Semailles

Here are some themes that I have encountered. I'm almost certain to leave them unfinished.

And there are certainly others that I don't even know myself. The ink of a handwritten word is unaware of its own meaning too.

But here's a short record of ones I know about. Your patience is appreciated.

I'm always up for discussions on these topics @wjzeng. Here's some background reading.